Mini Militia Old Version 2022 {Download All Versions For Android MOD Apk}

Mini Militia 1 –  Old Version

We are here for people who like other excellent games and want to download Mini Militia Old Version. Today, we will provide you with information about the game, including action, adventure, battle, shooting, multiplayer, single-mode, and more. Anyhow, Mili Militia 1, a game filled with pleasure. The Player’s fight or one who survives wins the conflict.

Mini Militia old version

Old Version Of Mini Militia

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 5.3.4

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 5.3.3

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 5.3.2

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 5.3.1

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 5.3.0

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 5.1.0

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 5.2.0

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 5.0.6

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 5.0.5

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 5.0.4

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 4.3.5

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 4.3.3

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 4.3.1

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 4.3.0

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 4.2.8

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 4.2.7

The Gameplay of MINI MILITIA

Mini Militia 1 (old version) is a scorching, blazing fighting multiplayer game. Moreover, you may create a group of friends from both adversaries and begin to hide, shoot, leap, kill, and do everything you anticipate from a war game.

Gameplay is intuitive. Furthermore, the virtual target stick is to the right of the displays, while the stick that assists you in controlling the character is to the left. Further, when you aim directly at the target, your weapon will instantly fire.

In addition, Mini Militia 1 includes various levels, so each level is very large; you have plenty of room to avoid your attackers. However, each level also includes a multitude of explosives and weaponry.

Introduction of Mini Militia 4.0.11

It is a 2D game with specific designs and styles. Thus, Mini Militia 1 includes many modes and provides players with numerous choices by their interests. Militia refers to a group of military troops that primarily serve the country for emergency reasons. Thus, in normal conditions, the military requires them infrequently. Therefore, Mini Militia in this gaming refers to little soldiers that are engaging in battle.


Mini Militia 1 – the Doodle Army has incredible features that are upgraded for each edition.

  • Moreover, Up to 12 people may play on local Wi-Fi simultaneously without much trouble in this game.
  • In addition, it includes zoom settings to preserve the latest zoom between deaths.
  • It includes a function that makes the gamer’s selected weapon standard at the maximum level. In addition, you may even zoom from the maximum level.
  • In the “Settings” tab, there are also “Help” and “New” choices.
  •  It has two sticks, one for shooting and one for moving.
  • This game is offered free of charge and has an easy-to-access UI.


1: Well, how to avoid Mini Militia 1 Internet Play with Tricks?

  • If any of your friends use the tricks, you may boot from the multiplayer game. Whereas with online gaming, I would argue that haters cannot be avoided. Wait for a fresh update to Mini Militia1.

2: How and when to decide the Mini Militia 1 winner?

  • In principle, a winner is a Mili Militia 1, which must kill the greatest number. Thus, the given threshold of all members of the team should be high as compared to others.

INTRODUCTION OF Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia 4.1.0 – Old Version

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia 2 APK is a multiplayer game that enables users to compete hard. In addition, there are various choices for players, including offline training, multiple survival mode types, and several weapons for choosing, such as snipers, flamethrowers, and firefighters.

Moreover, Players that utilize the 2-apk Doodle Army will test out new zoom controls, increase their skills by utilizing contemporary weaponry and fight in glory squads. Thus, the Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia software is perfect for gamers who are seeking a challenge. It would be best to have the confidence to become a team player, be alerted, and respond fast.

The main characteristics of Mini Militia 2:

  • Supports up to 6 players simultaneously
  • Requires fast action and reliance on your sense
  • Doodle Army based on the famous game
  • Supports many modes, including the mode of survival
  •  Allows you to improve your skills via offline instruction
  • Much contemporary weaponry, like snipers, grenades, scrapers, and flamethrowers, are accessible
  • Advanced zoom checks


1: Are there any tools for mini militia 2 Tricks?

  • Yes, Tricks & Tips tools like as fortunate patcher or free apk may be used for root phones to win Mini Militias.

2: How can I deploy miners to mini-militia2?

  • Miner is another timer bomb’s name.


This is a good feature. However, Mini Militia 3 includes universal characteristics, boosts, and can fire hundreds of bubbles at a time. You may spend lots of time free playing this mode with friends. You always find it fascinating. Everybody may enjoy playing the game. It is pleasing to you. Furthermore, you have no issue with the game and still enjoy the game. Thus, it seems like someone wants to ruin the pleasure voluntarily.

MINI MILITIA 3 Haters are growing every day that cannot play the game. The amusing part, though, is that every entertainment has just one Trick. Moreover, the competition collapses when the user roll. Miniclip must come up with a solution. For you, it would be better. Furthermore, you may play unknown battlefield players every day.

You get this Mini Militia 3 mod apk when you look at a multiplayer competition. This feature you adore.

You have 48 BUBG levels. You may now play three modifications. Hence, you are now a sergeant principal.

Mini Militia 3 4.3.3 Quick Tips:

These Quick tips in Mini Militia 3 may help you survive better and for longer. Check out some of these Mini Militia tricks to fight for a long duration.

These little strategies may help you live better and longer in Mini Militia. See these tiny Mini Militia opponents for a long time to battle.

  • Kneel and assault.
  • Green bush hide
  • Select 2X view to improving view •
  • Hide and escape to increase your health
  • Time bombs for plants and gas bombs
  • Always attempt fighting with two weapons •
  • If you are near to your opponent, use a melee attack
  • Ensure your weapons are completely loaded before entering the fight. Game


1: What is the Mini Militia 3 Review?

  • It is a three-tiny militia game of doodle army and multiplayer action. However, this functionality is accessible in categories such as Android (PC&Phone). Friends & Family can all play.

2: How to become a skilled player?

  • A multiplayer software is used by six people all the time. Moreover, by defending a few steps, everyone can become a great player.

3: How can I increase my skills?

  • Hence, this is a combat game, and you can use only one method to improve your skills. The method to improve your skills is to consistently play this, concentrate on all the important aspects, and learn about the game. Furthermore, you may then improve your skills.

Unlocked Mod Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 4.2.4:

In addition, Mili Militia 4 endure exciting multiplayer fights with up to 6 online or 12 players utilizing local wireless Internet access. Guide Serge and improve your offline training, co-operative, and survival abilities. Now download and enjoy the game Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 4.2.4 Mod Unlocked apk.

Presents an unpredictable battle online and local multiplayer! Natural dual-shot companies. Furthermore, open-world maps for prolonged vertical flying utilizing rocket boots. In addition, zoom controls, melee assaults with contemporary and futuristic Lorries and explosives, and dual-use capabilities

What is New in Mili Militia 4

New options for zooming:

Default: preserves the final zoom between deaths now;

Max.: usually defaults to the highest when you start picking up any weapon. Zoom out; Zoom out;

Smart: the weapon’s zoom always moves to the one nearest to the one zoomed out.

UI/UX Advancements: No further banners and improved menu flows.

– The ‘Help’ and ‘New’ may now be found in the ‘Settings menu.

– The ‘Practice (Local)’ is now used for the LAN and SOLO games.

– You may play ‘Play Online’ custom games.

Fixed Bug


1: What version is A True One of Mini Militia 4?

  • They often update the new game is currently 2.2.86.

2: How and where to change the name of the Avatar?

  • Go to -> avatar settings -> input the name of the Avatar.

3: Why is the game so popular with university students?

  • Since it is a multiplayer arcade shooter, university students are crushed. It also allows playback depending on teams. Therefore, it has gone viral.

4: How and when to decide the Mini Militia 4 winner?

  • A winner is a little militia that must kill as many as possible. When it comes to the team, all team members should have a high cumulative score.

Download and install on your phone.

Step 1 – File Download:

  • Download the Mini Militia MOD APK file and download the folder from the internet.

Step 2 – File Open:

  • Open the file obtained from the folder “downloads.”

Step 3 – Allow App Allowances:

  • Before installation can proceed, you will need to grant the following app permissions.
  • Full access to the network
  • Connections to the network
  • Run at beginning
  • Receive internet data
  • Prevent sleeping telephone

Step 4 – Installation:

Now install the program and wait until it is finished.

Step 5 – Execute App:

Now launch the app and work on your phone.

Step 6 – Game Open:

You are going there! You have now downloaded and installed Mini Militia MOD APK.


Mini Militia old version and latest versions are going to amuse you. Therefore, these versions are one of the best games ever. However, this game is more exciting to play multiplayer with your friends. All versions are very entertaining. You can play the Mini Militia old version in your leisure time.

Therefore, if you ask my preference between these versions of this game, I prefer the latest versions because of the best features and the latest weapons. Thus, it makes this different from other versions.


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